Thursday, September 1, 2011

Here we go....

Today's marks the first day of a new diet experiment.  Well not entirely new, but kinda.  Lets do a little back tracking.  On my dieting/lifestyle changes in around October 2009 after attending CF Nutrition cert with Robb Wolf.  I decided to give Paleo a serious go.  Everyone had a blog talking about all these great changes upon going Paleo, weight loss, feeling great, performing well, the world becoming a new a brighter world. Well I quite frankly didn't really have any of that.  I didn't really lose any weight.  Performance did well, but I had never plateaued, so was it diet or just getting better at CF?  I will say I think it did help with my recovery and soreness, but other than that I didn't FEEL any different.  Other then when I cheated, then, then I paid a mighty price...but only sometimes.  My stomach became bipolar.  One day good eating 'good', another bad while eating 'good'.  And both of the opposites there too.  I never dropped a pound.  I felt OK, but not good, and I had definitely BAD days.  Eventually in a round about way I eventually found nightshades and I could no longer be friends.  Thus causing bad guts on days I ate 'clean'. And eating them with at least gluten dulled the ill effects of the nightshade...why I had good days eating badly.  However with the nightshades I lost a few pounds, especially noticeable in my face.  I now sat at 162#-165#.  Meh.  I felt I look sloppy.  Like someone who works out a lot obut eats a lot of pizza and drinks a lot of beer.  I did neither. I was still performing decent (somedays I had it somedays just didn't).  I felt like I should look better for the amount of effort I put into diet and exercise.  Plus I have been thinner, and I am far from a six pack so I know it is possible, there is some to lose.  Then suddenly last September/August I really started to feel like my clothes were fitting better and I like how I looked in them. I weighed myself at 158#.  Thinking it was just an accident, but it stuck for a few weeks and eventually down to 155# and 152# at my lowest (that wasn't food poisoning related).  I was super jazzed and was still performing really and strength was doing well too.  Snatch PR of 154 (w/in 1 pound of BW! at the time).  Still having some belly issues sometimes but all in all not too shabby and I finally felt better about how I looked.  I got rid of all my old clothes, finally!  Then Christmas hit and pants felt a little tighter got on the scale at the Holidays, oops got too laxed and now up to 160#.  Oh well a Whole 30 challenge was coming up I'll get back down to it there.  I started the Whole 30 at162#, 30 days meat, veggies, little fruit, and some nuts and seeds, no alcohol.  At the end of the 30days I was 160# and felt awful.  The entire 30 days, I made 1 half solid....elimination.  Otherwise I made #1 for #2.  For 30 days.  I also was having trouble STAYING asleep.  I passed out by 9 or 10 like champ and anywhere between 1am and 3 would wake up and be wide awake and alert.  So I started dong laundry, cleaning, etc.  Making me more exhausted by days end.  We finally figured out what was causing that and eliminated it, and I had been eliminated before right at the weight loss and added back in about the time of the gain again.  I was excited for things to get better again and things slowly got better, sleep wise and digestively. Weight wise, nada.  Then we found a possible Thyroid issue, worked on that.  No changes.  By March I was now back to 168#-172#, but my stomach feels better.  I am now heavier than I was before I lost the nightshade inflammation.   I gained all the weight (and then some) I lost by not doing anything different, by doing the same thing that lost it.  I went qualified and competed in regionals and finished 18th overall out of about 30.  I'll take it.  I did notice as sectionals went on my energy got worse.  I got some virus the Monday before regionals and spent an entire night throwing up, and the next day in bed with slight fever.  By Friday was top 6 going into Saturday.  Although WOD 1 didn't go as well as I hoped (I felt so weak), I did well in the thruster wod.  Super stoked to be there and excited for DL box jump.  2-3 weeks prior I did 21-15-9 dl ring dip with 225 and it felt good so this 205dl was going to be cake!  WRONG!  I was sore and tired and just fried.  It felt heavier than 185#, form was crap everything.  Frustrating.  Next was I was really, really sore and tired.  the 100s.  By the time I hit 30 pullups I was down to singles.  My grip was completely shot, and my hands torn and bleeding.  I was so embarassed.   I was the last one off the bar by 2min.  I was never good at pullups but this was really really bad.  KB I struggled with my judge trying to figure out what I need to do to do them right.  Once we understood eachother it came down to grip.  I couldn't hold on.  Double unders were easy, aside the fact I couldn't hold on.  I finally got to OHS and my legs felt great, but couldn't hold that bar up!  I got 40 OHS, considering how far behind I was there were still a lot of people on OHS.  I'll take it. Stupid grip.  I didn't make it to the next day and I am sooooo ok with that.  My forearms hurt so badly, I had to pump my gas with two hands.  By the time I hit Missoula (3 hours from home 7 after my from my departure) I was in tears, I couldn't hold onto the steering wheel it hurt so badly.  The next week I rested, by choice.  But I couldn't do a damn thing if I wanted.  I couldn't hold onto anything.  I couldn't row (that was the most painful) I couldn't pull up without my forearm completely straining and pulling.  I even hurt it closing the window.  2 weeks of pain, and finally got better, and energy was still low.  I still struggle with grip frying too fast and energy being low.  And my weight.  I did somethings to help de-stress my mind hoping that would work.  Nada.  As I am starting to undo my less stressed work I decided to try something new again.  It was recommended by a friend who I have watched get good results in her first montn or so, so I am hoping this could work for me.  Today was my first day, of a 10 day run, and I knew it would be tough, I didn't expect day 1 meal 1 to be so tough.  It took me over an hour to put down all the food.  It is sort of a lot, but not really ( I have put down more pizza in shorter time), I am also learning that foods I don't like are hard to eat in mass quanities.  Avocados...oh man there are no words!  You may gag me, but you will not defeat me.  I finished eating at 8:45am (started 7:30am), it is now 2pm and still kinda full.  I still have 2 meals to go. Oh my.  I am trying to stay focused on the goal.  This will work!  This Will Work!  This WILL Work!  This WILL WORK!  THIS WILL WORK!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

This was AWESOME!

I tried the intro to trapeze a few weeks ago, but his was a lot more intense! I went to an aerial fabric dancing workshop. This was very challenging but a lot of fun. Especially because have a problem with being up high (I wouldn't say I am afraid of heights- I just happen to panic when I notice I am up high that's all). I don't think I would have been able to do this had I not gone climbing/bouldering a few weeks ago and got a little more comfortable with my strength and trusting myself.  Also I officially climbed the rope at the gym for the first time the day before, again the up high thing.  So the first picture I am doing the 'gazelle' (?)oh  I wish I had pointed my toes.  The next pictures I don't know what the moves were called but I got to do a drop.  You get your legs wrapped in the fabric (the diaper- wow uncomfortable- you can see my butt being squished), and you have to pull yourself up, pull your legs through, cross and pull legs through again.  Then when you are level you lean forward and then you 'drop' and your knees catch the fabric and you dangle!  I had a hard time getting dropped at first then someone told me to channel my Dirty Dancing swan jump/pose and I got it!  Scary but fun!  I really liked this class, wonder how I can cram this into my schedule?

Friday, April 30, 2010

I am ready to not feel so beat down!

Well after my 2k I started to get a bit of a tickle in my lungs.   I thought maybe it was a little left over "Grace" lung from a few days prior, but thinking back I felt like pooh after my 2k like shaky and achy.  The next day I was really sore and achy too.  It was a downhill spiral after that.  My dear friend Erika from Tacoma, WA came to visit me!  I thought it had only been a year or two since I last saw her, it has been 6!!  Too long!  She came to visit and I proceeded to cough more and sound worse.  I got an awful rough sounding voice from all my coughing. After my throat healed up the cough changed and suddenly my ribs felt like they were going to bust.  In particular the right side, which I cracked in high school, but no lump this time.  Then last week on the car ride home to ND my left side started to ache.  I tired to workout at home the first day went alright, the second was painful and slow, and my rib was quite angry after wards. I am thinking in one of my last coughing fits I pulled a muscle because it hurt to the touch, but I could lay on my side.  However if I rotated my shoulders forward it hurt like son-of-a-gun!  Now, nearly 4 weeks later and I am just finally starting to not have a cough! Rib feels the best today than in 3 weeks, so I am hoping for more progress this weekend.  I have done like 1 workout a week since getting sick :(  Then I went home and went waaaaay off my normal eating habits, and have lost motivation to get back on, even though I feel yucky. The good news is that during my illness the few workouts I did, I set some PRs! I am now the proud owner of a 63kg Snatch (138#),a 155# Thruster, 81kg Clean and Jerk (178#), 84kg Clean (185#), 85kg Jerk (187#), and a 245# Back Squat.  I'll take it.   

On a sad and different note my uncle, Stephen McLeish, passed away April 16th, after a year long battle with cancer. I pray for healing of the broken hearts of my family in the loss of a son, a brother, husband and father. My family is asking anyone who feels inclined, to please donate to the American Cancer Society.  Please see the attached link for more information, about my uncle and donating As it was a sad reason to gather, it was a beautiful celebration of life.  All the grand-kids were together for the first time in 9 years, we got to see our 93 year old great-aunt Edna whom I personally haven't seen in 18 years.  I was also happy to visit the family ranch for the first time since my parent and I moved 13 years ago, even though it was only 15 miles away.  It was such a great place to be a little kid, and I miss it so!  It was nice to see the support from so many family members, friends and neighbors, many of which I had to re-introduce myself to, as I am no longer a 4' tall, pig tail wearing little girl.  I now am a 5'7, short hair wearing  27 year old woman.  Wow...that's weird to say out loud.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2k, schmoo kay

Well I didn't hit the 245# I was gunning for.  I definitely could have gone heavier, but not much more.  I was really light headed and hungry.  My back didn't hurt at all, but was weak and got tired fast.  I didn't want to push to the point where I was going to round even slightly. 

Deadlift 3-3-3
Then 21-15-9
Kettlebell Swings 16kg

Shoulders were tired!!! Should have pushed harder in my burpees.  I need to get used to being uncomfortable and then push through it. 

Tonight was 2k row night.  Oh man, about 300m in I was thinking, "why did I do this?"  made the remaining 1700m really long.  I learned some new techniques to rowing, to use my legs more and work on my return.  I don't know what my 2k time was previously, all I have written down is PR back in June(?).  Jenna thinks sub 8min so my 8:05.9(?) tonight disappointing.   

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I went to bed at my usual time last night 9:30-10:30pm (cuz I am that exciting!), and woke up around 12:30 wide awake. Tossed and turned until 1am until I decided to just get up and do some housework done. Finally about 2:30 I felt sleepy again. This time I made my room EXTRA dark. Either I was finally exhausted or the extra darkness really helped. I think its the darkness, actually I know its the darkness.  I toss and turn a lot if I don't close my blinds all the way or leave the DVD player on. As soon as those go off, I'm down for the count. Why I keep pretending like it doesn't matter, who knows....

Didn't get to workout on Monday :( but am geared up for tonight. This will be the first time I have deadlifted since my back pulled a few weeks ago. It has been a looooog time since I have gone heavy in a deadlift as well. Looking for at least 245# tonight!

Monday, March 29, 2010

As promised

Here is the final product! What do you think?

Grace Off! from Bridger CrossFit on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Grace and Food

I had a fabulously unproductive weekend, and much needed after Friday's workout. Jenna and I decided to have a "Grace" off. "Grace" is 30 reps ground to over head for time (clean and jerk). I have done this workout with 85# in 3:26, 95# in 3:50, and 135# in 6:27. All three were really hard and my lungs burned (among other things) afterward especially after the 85#. I thought 3:26 was going to be impossible for me to beat. My training has not been consistent for several months now, and I suffered a minor back injury just over 2 weeks ago and just started going full weight again. I no longer feel any pain or discomfort aside from some stiffness after, however it feels a little shaky under heavy weights. Plus after my injury I've had some trouble staying focused on a good diet, and I was really nervous that I was not going to beat my previous time. I chose 85# for speed (and some other reasons), since Jenna was trying to beat a 2 min and change time she set earlier that week with 55#. I should also mention that Jenna is 31 weeks pregnant, so this will be quite the task for her. All I want to do is keep up with the pregnant lady! With a video camera, counters, and an audience we took off at 3-2-1 go! I didn't want to drop it until I had to, but I forgot and dropped at about rep 7 or 8, but tired to quickly recover I think almost half of the workout I was not centered. I felt good until rep 15 and started to feel tired, rep 20 really tired my form felt horribly sloppy and toes-y. I could hear Jenna's shoes, click and clack, I tried to match but couldn't keep up. She finished in 1:47, and I in 2:18! Oh did my lungs BURN! A PR of 1min 8 sec! I can't believe it! I would have never thought I could to 45# that fast, let alone 85#! Video coming soon!

I am still having trouble getting back off the crack of my diet. Ice Cream (Moose Tracks!), pizza, cream, cheese, and few other delicious autoimmune disease filled dishes have really been hard to kick this time around. I was pretty good Oct-Dec being able to easily battle cravings, but January and increasingly through now, cravings have gotten harder to ignore. Its totally a mind game for me, and I am lacking mental toughness. At home I eat pretty good, but I have darn near quit trying when I go out. I need to dig in and re-group. I've had good results in my workouts on Paleo, but I was a not satisfied with my physical changes (or I guess lack of!) and I didn't really feel any different. Aside from some workout PRs, they only other difference I think I came across was with my slack training is that I was rarely sore. Last year this time I was sore ALL the time. Moaning and groaning like I was 100 years old. Thinking it was my diet, I am not starting to wonder if massage and acupuncture has also helped in my lack of soreness. Hmmm. Or maybe it was all of the above? In my quest to find focus in my diet I am playing around with how I want to "dial" it in this time, in an effort to keep performance results up, and now looking for more physical changes. How to do that? Less protein? Lower Carb? Adding dairy again? At least trying to eat more vegetables and trying remain "Paleo" without going insane. Above is a picture of my dinner tonight. I had a lazy morning, and took a dip in the hot springs this afternoon. When I came back I was STARVING! I had country style boneless pork ribs, bacon wrapped asparagus, and steamed broccoli with a homemade hollandaise type sauce. Mmmm delicious, and hit the spot! Now if I only had some Moose Tracks ice cream!