Thursday, September 1, 2011

Here we go....

Today's marks the first day of a new diet experiment.  Well not entirely new, but kinda.  Lets do a little back tracking.  On my dieting/lifestyle changes in around October 2009 after attending CF Nutrition cert with Robb Wolf.  I decided to give Paleo a serious go.  Everyone had a blog talking about all these great changes upon going Paleo, weight loss, feeling great, performing well, the world becoming a new a brighter world. Well I quite frankly didn't really have any of that.  I didn't really lose any weight.  Performance did well, but I had never plateaued, so was it diet or just getting better at CF?  I will say I think it did help with my recovery and soreness, but other than that I didn't FEEL any different.  Other then when I cheated, then, then I paid a mighty price...but only sometimes.  My stomach became bipolar.  One day good eating 'good', another bad while eating 'good'.  And both of the opposites there too.  I never dropped a pound.  I felt OK, but not good, and I had definitely BAD days.  Eventually in a round about way I eventually found nightshades and I could no longer be friends.  Thus causing bad guts on days I ate 'clean'. And eating them with at least gluten dulled the ill effects of the nightshade...why I had good days eating badly.  However with the nightshades I lost a few pounds, especially noticeable in my face.  I now sat at 162#-165#.  Meh.  I felt I look sloppy.  Like someone who works out a lot obut eats a lot of pizza and drinks a lot of beer.  I did neither. I was still performing decent (somedays I had it somedays just didn't).  I felt like I should look better for the amount of effort I put into diet and exercise.  Plus I have been thinner, and I am far from a six pack so I know it is possible, there is some to lose.  Then suddenly last September/August I really started to feel like my clothes were fitting better and I like how I looked in them. I weighed myself at 158#.  Thinking it was just an accident, but it stuck for a few weeks and eventually down to 155# and 152# at my lowest (that wasn't food poisoning related).  I was super jazzed and was still performing really and strength was doing well too.  Snatch PR of 154 (w/in 1 pound of BW! at the time).  Still having some belly issues sometimes but all in all not too shabby and I finally felt better about how I looked.  I got rid of all my old clothes, finally!  Then Christmas hit and pants felt a little tighter got on the scale at the Holidays, oops got too laxed and now up to 160#.  Oh well a Whole 30 challenge was coming up I'll get back down to it there.  I started the Whole 30 at162#, 30 days meat, veggies, little fruit, and some nuts and seeds, no alcohol.  At the end of the 30days I was 160# and felt awful.  The entire 30 days, I made 1 half solid....elimination.  Otherwise I made #1 for #2.  For 30 days.  I also was having trouble STAYING asleep.  I passed out by 9 or 10 like champ and anywhere between 1am and 3 would wake up and be wide awake and alert.  So I started dong laundry, cleaning, etc.  Making me more exhausted by days end.  We finally figured out what was causing that and eliminated it, and I had been eliminated before right at the weight loss and added back in about the time of the gain again.  I was excited for things to get better again and things slowly got better, sleep wise and digestively. Weight wise, nada.  Then we found a possible Thyroid issue, worked on that.  No changes.  By March I was now back to 168#-172#, but my stomach feels better.  I am now heavier than I was before I lost the nightshade inflammation.   I gained all the weight (and then some) I lost by not doing anything different, by doing the same thing that lost it.  I went qualified and competed in regionals and finished 18th overall out of about 30.  I'll take it.  I did notice as sectionals went on my energy got worse.  I got some virus the Monday before regionals and spent an entire night throwing up, and the next day in bed with slight fever.  By Friday was top 6 going into Saturday.  Although WOD 1 didn't go as well as I hoped (I felt so weak), I did well in the thruster wod.  Super stoked to be there and excited for DL box jump.  2-3 weeks prior I did 21-15-9 dl ring dip with 225 and it felt good so this 205dl was going to be cake!  WRONG!  I was sore and tired and just fried.  It felt heavier than 185#, form was crap everything.  Frustrating.  Next was I was really, really sore and tired.  the 100s.  By the time I hit 30 pullups I was down to singles.  My grip was completely shot, and my hands torn and bleeding.  I was so embarassed.   I was the last one off the bar by 2min.  I was never good at pullups but this was really really bad.  KB I struggled with my judge trying to figure out what I need to do to do them right.  Once we understood eachother it came down to grip.  I couldn't hold on.  Double unders were easy, aside the fact I couldn't hold on.  I finally got to OHS and my legs felt great, but couldn't hold that bar up!  I got 40 OHS, considering how far behind I was there were still a lot of people on OHS.  I'll take it. Stupid grip.  I didn't make it to the next day and I am sooooo ok with that.  My forearms hurt so badly, I had to pump my gas with two hands.  By the time I hit Missoula (3 hours from home 7 after my from my departure) I was in tears, I couldn't hold onto the steering wheel it hurt so badly.  The next week I rested, by choice.  But I couldn't do a damn thing if I wanted.  I couldn't hold onto anything.  I couldn't row (that was the most painful) I couldn't pull up without my forearm completely straining and pulling.  I even hurt it closing the window.  2 weeks of pain, and finally got better, and energy was still low.  I still struggle with grip frying too fast and energy being low.  And my weight.  I did somethings to help de-stress my mind hoping that would work.  Nada.  As I am starting to undo my less stressed work I decided to try something new again.  It was recommended by a friend who I have watched get good results in her first montn or so, so I am hoping this could work for me.  Today was my first day, of a 10 day run, and I knew it would be tough, I didn't expect day 1 meal 1 to be so tough.  It took me over an hour to put down all the food.  It is sort of a lot, but not really ( I have put down more pizza in shorter time), I am also learning that foods I don't like are hard to eat in mass quanities.  Avocados...oh man there are no words!  You may gag me, but you will not defeat me.  I finished eating at 8:45am (started 7:30am), it is now 2pm and still kinda full.  I still have 2 meals to go. Oh my.  I am trying to stay focused on the goal.  This will work!  This Will Work!  This WILL Work!  This WILL WORK!  THIS WILL WORK!

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